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Gem Templates

The gem template probably one of the most important tools that is used for cutting a calibrated st0ne cabachon, or by woodworkers designing a wood project.  The template can also be used in  etching glass,  and carving antler. We have a number of different styles of templates that offer round, oval, teardrop, square, and rectangle shapes. We also stock heart shapes and cross templates for more contemporary use.  San Juan Gems designed a very unique set of  3  navette templates. They are fully adjustable to make navettes that range from tiny and thin to large and full. This one-of-a-kind template is designed to stay symmetrical no matter how small or large a navette that you are contemplating.   (See picture). This unique template is available from either our retail  store in Cortez or from our online rock store here.  Our best buy is a set of three templates that come with a free scribe. (see picture – available through the store or the online catalog).